tmEPG – EPG server


tmEPG is the definitive EPG server. Management and broadcast EPG (Electronic Program Guide) services for DVB-T/C/S networks. tmEPG produces DVB-SI EIT signalling according to the standard ETS 300 468 and generates the carousels for interactive applications according the standard DSMCC.

  • DVB-SI            (ETSI 300 468)
  • Full EIT table management
  • Multiple MPEG2-TS generation
  • DVB-SSU           (ETSI 102 006)
  • 2 x 1000 Base-T Ethernet
  • DVB-ASI output (extendable)
  • 20×4 LCD + 6 bottom keyboard
  • Multi-alphabet EPG web editor
  • XMLTV import/export

tmEPG is the definitive management and broadcast system of EPG (Electronic Program Guide). tmEPG generates EIT Present/Following, EIT Present/Following other, EIT Scheduled and EIT Scheduled other, as well as the descriptors required according to the standard DVB specified in ETS 300 468.

tmEPG server can generate EPG for any complex network configuration, it can broadcast for many multiplexers and several services per multiplexer. Each TV channel can manage safely its EPG data through a functional Web interface. tmEPG system is mounted on a high reliability and availability server equipped with the required DVB-ASI and IP output cards.

All system management functions can be done through a Web browser, without any desktop software to install, allowing the users to access remotely and safely (HTTPS) to tmEPG configuration. The system provides easy forms to introduce EPG information. User interface is available in English and Spanish.

tmEPG can retrieve EPG data from several sources and broadcast it automatically without user intervention: from automation systems, from information systems (Web, FTP, CMS,…), from a live transport stream. Furthermore it has a Web form to edit all EPG information, this form allows to import EPG from another day, avoiding to start from an empty EPG.

tmEPG has been integrated with the most important IPTV platforms in order to share EPG. Among others it is compatible with MiViewTV from Alcatel-Lucent and GLF (Global Listings Format) for Microsoft Mediaroom. Thanks to the plug-in based system,tmEPG is scalable, easy to expand and allows the programming of new capabilities. This scheme makes the system easier to tailor to each client requirements. The development kit (SDK) built in tmEPG, allows the development of new plug-ins to add new features to the system.

EIT Management & Broadcast

PSI/SI Generation

HbbTV AIT Generation

XMLTV & Anytime TV compatibility

MVTV & GLF compatibility

If you want more information about our tmEPG server, please, don´t hesitate to contac us or download our tmEPG documentation:

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