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The public company Radiotelevision Castilla-La Mancha (RTVCM) just introduced some changes coinciding with its new corporate brand. It will be renamed Castilla-La Mancha Media. Something that brings a new management structure to face their “digital transformation”.

New website, an app and ‘red button’

It will be the 7th, as announced by the director general of the agency, Carmen Amores, when a public event is convened at the headquarters of Castilla-La Mancha Media to publicize  the new design and content of the website www.cmmedia.es, which they consider “for its informative volume, as the leading multimedia news agency the which may refer the Castilian-La Mancha. ”

It will also present the new application for mobile devices that will be available for iOS and Android, and implement a notification service to subscribers. Castilla-La Mancha Media will also launch the HbbTV (red button) service, which will allow access from any TV connected to all content on demand and all the information of regional television, and to be added in the medium term a new thematic channels offer streaming.

Tmira Solutions is the proud developer of this new HbbTV application, focused to provide an easy user interface and navigability. The new Castilla-La Mancha Media HbbTV application give viewers a full access to catchupTV service, and in future phases will include new live thematic channels and DVR capabilities.

More info at eldiario.es



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