OTT Automatic tmMonitoring & Alarm

The challenge

Provide an automatic tmMonitoring service for TVN live streams, synchronized to EPG and exhibition rights.  

The solution

To include custom EPG & Rights Management logic inside out tmMonitoring cloud platform to alarm only when live stream really goes down, not when it goes black because of lack of streaming rights.

tmMonitoring is a realtime cloud monitoring tool designed to help our customers to get live stream status. tmMonitoring send an alarm when live goes down or any other issue appears in the live feed.

TVN is the leader TV network in Panamá with whole country coverage and south of Costa Rica. Their webpage and smartphones apps offers 2 live streams: TVN and TVMAX. But in both cases, their programing includes some shows that can not be streamed. When the show starts, the streaming signal goes down until a new show can be streamed. A standard monitoring tool is not useful, because it would alarm every time the live stream goes down. But most of this cuts are legitimate cuts. In these cases, alarm must not be sent.

tmMonitoring is able to communicate with EPG and playout systems to determine if current show has streaming rights. If not and the streams goes down, tmMonitoring report it for statistics purposes, but does not send any alarm. Only when streaming goes down or there is any problem in the signal (no audio, blackout, etc) and the rights are confirmed the system sends an alarm via email or SMS (optional) after several checks.